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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mining in Leadville Colorado

leadvile, colorado
Today we are mining in Leadville Colorado. Actually we are digging through old tailings piles looking for any interesting rock and mineral samples. After stopping by the Rock Hut in Leadville we headed up 7th street past the old Matchless Mine into the big basin where they did much of the mining in Leadville. We poked around the old abandoned mines and tailings piles for a couple of days. There's not much to be found laying around on the surface anymore, it's been picked clean by previous collectors, but once we started digging in some of the tailings piles we started turning up some nice mineral specimens including quite a few iron pyrite (fools gold) samples.
the rock hut in leadville

jack in leadville colorado
Downtown Leadville, CO

jack in the rock hut in leadville
jack on mine tailings pile in leadville
Jack Digging in a Tailings Pile

leadville mining district
Old Leadville Mining District

looking out of old cabin in leadville
Looking Out from Old Building
rustic wooden plank with knots
Old Weathered Barn Wood

tin roof rusted
Rusty old Corrugated Metal

jack looking at mineral specimines at the Rock Shop in Leadville
Jack at The Rock Shop in Leadville, CO
joe and large ass avacados
Joe at the supermarket in Leadville

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rockhounding in Colorado

jack clara may mine colorado
The Wall
We are just outside Buena Vista Colorado and we are looking for pretty rocks. After consulting the book Colorado Rockhounding we decided to see what we could find at the Clara May mine in the Pike National Forest of Colorado. Supposedly there is rose quartz here, potentially Jasper, plus a few other semi-precious minerals.
camp at the mine
The camping spot at the mine
tourmaline samples from the clara may mine in colorado
More chunks of tourmaline
van at camping spot
The van in the Camp spot
white quartz on the hill up to clara may mine
White Quartz
prickly pear cactus colorado
Prickly Pear Cactus
The view from the mine
jack on the wall at the clara may mine
Jack perched up on the wall mining
tourmaline at te clara may mine
Tourmaline in feldspar
mica at the clara may mine
Black Mica
rose quartz from the clara may mine
Rose Quartz
3 piece tourmaline bar
A chunk of black tourmaline
3 piece tourmaline
The chunk we extracted from the wall
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