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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cheaha Mountain State Park, AL

Is there a road up to 2413', the highest point in Alabama? Yes, we drove up Cheaha Mountain in Alabama today. The road up is a very scenic drive, there are several scenic overlooks up and down the mountain road, great spots for photos. Plus there's an old observation tower to explore at the top of Cheaha Mt.

Mount Cheaha gets it's Muskegon Language name from the Creek Indians more than two hundred years ago, it means high place. It is actually part of the Talladega Mountains at the southern end of the Appalachians.

If you would rather hike up Mount Cheaha, there is a nice trail, here is the trailhead.

The start of the hiking trail is A path of custom tiles with all different kinds of footprints on them.

The hiking trail up Cheaha Mt. Before cars few people ventured up to the top of Cheaha. Most stayed in the valley below.

A lovely waterfall on the drive down Cheaha Mt.

Bunker Tower Observation

There is a very nice boardwalk from the Bald Rock parking area, all the way out to Bald Rock. It's ideal for those in a wheel chair, handicapped or physically challenged.

Japanese style Bonzai Trees grow naturally on top of Cheaha.

Coordinates: 33°29′07.84″N 85°48′31.19″W

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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Rockwell Road to Greylock

Today we are exploring the road to Mt. Graylock which winds it's way up to the highest point in Massachusetts at 3491' obove sea level. Mount Graylock is located in the northwest corner of the state of Massachusetts overlooking the town of Adams.

The Rockwell Road to Graylock was completed in 1907. A lot of folks ask "is Graylock a fee use area"? How much does it cost to drive up Graylock? Well, nothing! It's a wonderful and absolutly FREE drive to the top, however at the top if you want to park and look around there's a $2 parking user fee.

Can you camp on Graylock? The only camping we saw was a 11/2 mile walk from where you park here. We did not camp at Graylock so I don't know what it's like.

Scenery from one of the many scenic overlooks at pull-outs along Rockwell Road.

Looking out at the Appalation Mountains from a pull-out along the road up Graylock.

RV's are not recommended, there are gnarly hairpin turns on Rockwell Road, throw in steep grades and cliffs'n your better off steering clear.

There were a few pretty little waterfalls along the way.

A sign at the top of Rockwell Road reads:

A scenic overlook looking down at the town of Adams.

At the top of Graylock stands an impressive lighthouse to explore in my next moblog post.

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