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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phish Superball IX Festival

Phish Superball IX was Phish's ninth festival and it was the social event of the season for Jack and I. Unlike most music festivals, with several stages featuring more music than you can ever see performed, there was a casual, relaxed vibe that prevailed throughout the weekend in Watkins Glen, NY. Phish was the only act on the playbill this 4th of July weekend and they performed only 8 sets including an unannounced late night psychedelic jam session that rivaled some of Pink Floyd's early work. Other than that the day was spent cooking, camping and visiting with family and friends plus chatting with interesting people and making new friends.
The weekend in Watkins Glen promised to be fantastic and it delivered. The Phish staff at the festival was very friendly and went out of their way to smooth out problems and make us feel like guests, but the police and fire department presence at Phish IX was too much. The mounties can handle things and call the officials in if needed, they don't need to drive around and around creating more dust. The weather was quite nice with a passing rain shower one morning while most festival goers were sleeping.
We were in the Glen Close Campground at Superball IX which was considerably closer to the stage than the general camping area where we actually spent most of our time in between music sets. The problem for us was that the 2 camps were separated by the main concert grounds which meant extra walking if you wanted to hookup with friends in general camping and that sucked. Then if you wanted to take anything over to the other camping area it was even worse, you had to walk all the way around the entire race track, which was miles. Overall we'd have been better off in the general camping area. Thank goodness they let me ride the electric bike around. The renegade shakedown took a while to come together, but once it did they raged it thank goodness. I like the Renegade Shakedown St. They are such an important part of it for many customers like me. It adds a necessary element to the scene. I would really miss some of the products and services. If they got greedy and didn't allow a renegade shakedown any longer, I would not be going to nearly as many Phish shows for sure. It just wouldn't be the same without that part of the family, you know?
Phish was sounding good this weekend too! The stage was weird, very tall and skinny with a nice sized column and a half of speakers hung from each side. It was fairly loud but could have had stronger bass. If I was Phish I'd insist on more bass. With Bass Nectar, Pretty Lights & Girl Talk so popular it's obvious that the fans want xtra bass so why not take it up a notch? Noticeably absent however were the typical video monitors on each side of the stage. It was difficult to get a look at Phish performing the music because there was no slope to the main field. Video monitors would have been appropriate at this location. Phish has been looking and sounding awesome lately with what appears to be new lights and speakers, just double the bass and were there! Fans came to have fun with glow sticks as big glow stick wars broke out on several occasions in the concert crowd.
I'm sure Phish is always looking for fresh ideas, so here's something new and different. How about an ice cream social at the next festival? I'm sure you can pal-up with Ben & Jerry's who was giving away free ice cream at Phish's Superball IX all weekend anyway and hand out Phish Food Ice Cream to concert goers while they mingle around and listen to Phish performing an afternoon set of something appropriate for the moment. I believe an ice cream social would be the talk of the town!
It was so wonderful to see Phish family and friends again, at times it was like a reunion. I just wonder how "twinkle trees" (Electric Forest) went. Wish they were on different weekends, I would have loved to have gone to both festivals.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wormtown 2010

wormtown bonfire

The worms really know how to throw a party, and this years Wormtown Festival was a major rager. We were invited to share a booth with one of the top vendors on the circuit, Rachel and Sage of Fringe Jewelry. They specialize in a variety of different jewelry styles from sterling silver and body jewelry, to earthy tribal designs. Rachel has a wonderful setup and she vend's at virtually every major music festival out east. Of course we accept the invite and set up our stuff. We had a wonderful weekend, Sage's mom Karen from Arkansas was there and she was such a refreshing spirit. She is a hippie from back in the day and her spiritual outlook was light and refreshing. She owns a place in Arkansas which is located in the heart of quartz crystal country.

wormtown music stage area
Hanging around the festival
jack at wormtown
Jack M.
fringe jewelry rachel
Booth Setup
jack at wormtown festival
Jack on the Bike in the Woods Camping

rachel of fringe jewelry
Rachel of Fringe Jewelry in the Booth
karma clenser at wormtown
Karma Klense
jack vending booth wormtown
Jack Murray
rachel and karen
Rachel & Karen

zen rocks piiled up in river
Zen Rock Display in Creek

zen rocks in river
The Creek at Wormtown

jack riding bike at wormtown
Jack on his electric bike in the woods camping at Wormtown

main campfire at wormtown
The Bonfire
jack on the van roof strapping down coolers
Jack up on the roof of the van strapping stuff down.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chillin' at The Catskill Music Festival

sim redmond band at catskill chill music festivalIt's Saturday and the second day of a short 2 day music festival in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The weather today at the Catskill Chill is awesome, the clouds have burned off and the music line-up for today is great. I'm looking forward to several really good acts today including everybody's' favorite one man band, the incomparable Keller Williams, Pink Floydish Particle and one of U-Melt's last live performances.

It's Saturday and the second day of a short 2 day music festival in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The weather today at the Catskill Chill is awesome, the clouds have burned off and the music line-up for today is great. I'm looking forward to several really good acts today including everybody's' favorite one man band, the incomparable Keller Williams, Pink Floydish Particle and one of U-Melt's last live performances. Looks like it's filled in quite a bit and folks are up here just for the day, but they say it's still not anything like the attendance the Catskill harvest festival used to draw. They have 2 stages set up and they are both covered yet they have open air sides for an outdoorsy feel. The main stage has covered bleacher seating and the music sounds good. The first band I wanted to catch today was up rather early, they're called Sim Redmond Band, if you haven't heard their music they sound a little like Fleetwood Mac with Christine McVee. I think their song "Save Me" as well as a few others they do could be a big hit nationally because they are sort of catchy.

sim redmond band

jounce at catskill chill

Fringe Jewelry Festival Booth

Sage and her Mom

rachel's fringe jewelry festival vendors booth

keller williams at catskill chill

Keller Williams on stage at Catskill Chill

u-melt at catskill chill

catskill chill camping
sage and her mom from arkansas
Sage and her mom Karen

jack and sage
Jack and Sage

jack and sage hugging

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gig in The Sky Festival

Vendors at Gig in The Sky

gig in the sky festival
Phish summer tour has just ended and we are in Windham, NY for Gig in The Sky  Festival, a small 4-day music festival featuring music by the Everyone Orchestra, EOTO, The JGB Band and much more. With the help of the promoter "LC", Jack and I got an actual permit to vend this weekend and set up our full thing. The festival turned out smaller than we were thinking but that made for a fun weekend of intimate music.

Jack in the Booth at Gig in The Sky
Jack and Jeff
Jack and  General Store Jeff

JGB at gig in the sky festival
JGB at Gig In The Sky Festival
everybody orchestra
Everybody Orchestra featuring Michael Kang of String Cheese, Al Shiner of moe.
Tosh 1
Tosh 1
Michael Travis Eoto at Gig In The Sky
Michael Travis of EOTO
festival schedule
gig in the sky schedule

LC freestyle extraordinaire
gig in the sky bon-fire
Bon fire
main stage
Main Stage

jgb guitarist
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harvest Celebration at Cedar Pine Campground

We are at the Harvest Celebration at Cedar Pine not far from Redfield, NY. We came in the back way on a skinny little one lane gravel road that was a very pretty drive. Very friendly atmosphere here, having a great time. Keller Williams, David Grisman and Rusted Root are on the playbill for the weekend.

We came in on Corridor 4A. It was like a tunnel through the trees.

Looking at stage #2 before the music even started on Friday. The weather is excellent and we are all setup.

Harvest Celebration vendors setting up shop for the weekend.

Photos of Keller Williams performing at the Harvest Celebration Festival

David Grisman & Co. at Harvest Celebration 2009

Rusted Root was the Headliner Band at the Harvest Celebration.

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