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Friday, June 25, 2010

Phish Concert Camden, NJ Police Brutality

Everything was going along wonderful, it was a sunny beautiful day at the Pre-Phish concert party Camden, NJ on shakedown street. Jack and I had a nice spot next to Kristen and Adam. Jack went to get something to drink, and I was watching our booth, when all of the sudden someone ran up and said "They are beating up your boy. The cops are beating up your boy." After a moment of shock and bewilderment, I ran down shake street to see what was going on and sure enough there's a Camden, NJ police officer brutally attacking Jack. The Camden police officer R. Thorton #1106 was laying on Jack and the officer had his elbow pressed into jacks neck and he was strangling Jack. I immediately pulled the camera out of my pocket and started recording video of the Camden City police brutality being used against Jack. It was horrifying to see Jack tossed around like a rag doll. It is obvious that Jack is fully co-operating with the officer, yet the cop was really rough and completely out of line.

Police Assault Video - A video of the Police officer R. Thorton #1106 Driving the Camden City police van too fast, without full regard for life or limb on Shakedown St at the Phish Concert in Camden NJ immediately prior to the incident.

Video of unnecessarily rough treatment by Camden police - After Jacks admittedly uncalled for, and smart comment to the officer about the loud siren, the officer got out of the police van, attacked and arrested Jack. Then note a big mean cop comes at me and tells me to turn off the camera, because I video taping the incident. I was scared for my life after seeing him beat up Jack, I thought he was going to attack me too. Is it wrong to video tape a police officer abusing an American Citizen? I hope not or we're all in trouble!

Video of police assault witness - These 2 local girls from Camden City, NJ witnessed the entire incident from Jacks comment to the brutal arrest that followed. I video taped their comments about the incident.

Unfortunately I was forced to sell our pavilion tickets for the Phish concert that evening due to the incident with the Camden, City police, but they let Jack go after the concert with no bail and a ticket for improper behavior which he eventually paid just to put the incident behind and move along, even though the improper behavior was really on the behalf of the officer that manhandled Jack.

-- photo blog post from my iPhone
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