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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wormtown 2010

wormtown bonfire

The worms really know how to throw a party, and this years Wormtown Festival was a major rager. We were invited to share a booth with one of the top vendors on the circuit, Rachel and Sage of Fringe Jewelry. They specialize in a variety of different jewelry styles from sterling silver and body jewelry, to earthy tribal designs. Rachel has a wonderful setup and she vend's at virtually every major music festival out east. Of course we accept the invite and set up our stuff. We had a wonderful weekend, Sage's mom Karen from Arkansas was there and she was such a refreshing spirit. She is a hippie from back in the day and her spiritual outlook was light and refreshing. She owns a place in Arkansas which is located in the heart of quartz crystal country.

wormtown music stage area
Hanging around the festival
jack at wormtown
Jack M.
fringe jewelry rachel
Booth Setup
jack at wormtown festival
Jack on the Bike in the Woods Camping

rachel of fringe jewelry
Rachel of Fringe Jewelry in the Booth
karma clenser at wormtown
Karma Klense
jack vending booth wormtown
Jack Murray
rachel and karen
Rachel & Karen

zen rocks piiled up in river
Zen Rock Display in Creek

zen rocks in river
The Creek at Wormtown

jack riding bike at wormtown
Jack on his electric bike in the woods camping at Wormtown

main campfire at wormtown
The Bonfire
jack on the van roof strapping down coolers
Jack up on the roof of the van strapping stuff down.
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Phish 8 Festival Photos

We are celebrating Halloween weekend at the Phish festival in Indio, CA. I will be posting fresh, new Phish 8 festival photos and short video clips here all weekend, so stay tuned I guarantee you it will be curious, interesting and quite possibly rather bizzare at times, but always entertaining.
Why is Trey Anastasio smiling?

He just hinted while going into the song David Bowie that Phish is covering David Bowie's Hunky Dory at the Phish 8 festival in CA or are they? Jake and Heather insist they are covering the Rolling Stones, they say "the horns are hired". (Disclaimer: I've been wrong before.)

The sunsets over Hunky Dory campground at Phish 8. We are camped in Hunky Dory Campground.

The Balloon light show over the Phish audience.

Phish live video clip at Phish 8, Indio performing Wolfman's Brother in HD.

Phish is really running a nice festival so far, very pleased with the weather, facility, vibe of the staff, security, even the cops are unusually friendly and nice here this weekend. This will go down as another EPIC Phish festival.

✩ photo blog post from my iPhone

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harvest Celebration at Cedar Pine Campground

We are at the Harvest Celebration at Cedar Pine not far from Redfield, NY. We came in the back way on a skinny little one lane gravel road that was a very pretty drive. Very friendly atmosphere here, having a great time. Keller Williams, David Grisman and Rusted Root are on the playbill for the weekend.

We came in on Corridor 4A. It was like a tunnel through the trees.

Looking at stage #2 before the music even started on Friday. The weather is excellent and we are all setup.

Harvest Celebration vendors setting up shop for the weekend.

Photos of Keller Williams performing at the Harvest Celebration Festival

David Grisman & Co. at Harvest Celebration 2009

Rusted Root was the Headliner Band at the Harvest Celebration.

-- photo blog post from my iPhone