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Monday, November 02, 2009

Mono Basin Scenic Area

With a maximum depth of 159' Mono Lake isn't the deepest lake around, but did you know Mono Lake is one of the oldest lakes on the continent of North America? They say it's probably 3/4 of a million years old, and quite possibly as ancient as 1-3 million years old. Mono Lake is a salty lake too, in fact Mono Lake is almost three times as salty as the ocean and with a pH around 10.0, it is extremely alkaline. Mono Lake is home only to trillions of brine shrimp, alkali flies and algae. Surrounding Mono Lake however the volcanic Mono Basin is one of California's most diverse biological areas featuring hundreds of animals and thousands of plant species.

Mono Lake was nearly devastated by several water diversion projects which drastically cut down it's water supply causing the lakes water level to drop some 40 feet. Then in 1978 David Gaines formed a commitee to save Mono Lake and accomplished much in the effort to protect Mono Lake.

US 395 at Mono Lake

Mono Lake is located along scenic US 395 in CA.
Coordinates 38°00′59″N 119°00′33″W / 38.0165°N 119.0093°W