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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breakfast at The Magee Country Diner

Jack, Adam, Kristen and I are having breakfast at the Magee Country Diner in Waterloo, NY.
The food here at Magee Country Diner is delicious and it's reasonably priced too. An excellent value!

Magee Diner

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Phish The Gorge Washington

The Gorge was the best stop on Phish tour summer 2009. The weather was perfect and the music was outstanding, even the campground was a great time. Hope you enjoy the photos from The Gorge, WA.

Rustic Sicilian Cuisine was there.

The Kabob guy.

En hydro Crystals from Tibet China

John & Jack visiting At The Gorge Campground.

Jack at The Gorge Washington.

Pat, The Ragin' Kajun and his tasty Fajitas

Security at The Gorge looked really mean but as long as you were not too out of line they were a fine host. We hooked them up with comp beverages all weekend.

Kristen & Adam have the best food on the lot. Note the fresh-up Pizzadilla on the griddle, a cross between a pizza and a quesadilla, perfect when you've go the munchies.

When your hungry try their Jerk Chicken Wrap it's awesome. I'm craving one right about now. Eatin' livin' and lovin' it!

I love the car camping at the Gorge Campground.

Shakedown Street

Our neck of the woods

Video of Shakedown Street at The Gorge

Sept 24th, 2009 Editors Note: Stay tuned more Phish photos and camping coming soon!!!