Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Portsmouth VA Phish Shows

Portsmouth was fun, we had a day off after Merriweather, so we played some disc golf! We went to the Bayville Farms Park which has a pretty nice course. Got a pic of the sign for a map. The course has pro and am tees for each hole and baskets for each tee.

I did pretty well on the front nine, then couldnt hold it together. Ended up with a 7 over, which is not too bad. Dwight was under most of the game and finished at 2 over playing all pro holes. 

We got a hotel room near the venue and had a great Uno's pizza for dinner. Got to the venue at around 7 AM and we were the 3rd vendors on lot, barely beat Steely Dan to lot, he got there less than 5 minutes after us. 

It was $50 for a business license/ vending pass right at the city hall across the street from the venue. It was nice to be official vendors and not have to worry about hassles. We were able to sleep behind our booth between the two show nights, only able to get a short nap though.

The shows were fun, we watched from right outside the venue the first night, and got in the 2nd night. After a fun time I was headed for the gate before encore to setup the booth. I was about 10 feet from the exit when I heard the first few notes of Lizards! I turned around and ran back in. Only lizards of the summer, really good time. 

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