Thursday, July 17, 2014

Phishin' in New York Summer Tour 2014 Randall's Island

We had a great time at SPAC, those were a few really fun shows mined a bunch more herkimer's then headed to Randall's Island in the middle of New York City. We had VIP parking tickets so we got to park right behind the venue, under the RFK bridge.

When we first got there, they said "no tailgating" so I was a little worried, then lots of Phish fans showed up and they all started tailgating without being hassled, so things started to look better.

Then we all setup and the Park Police came by, they told our neighbors that you could display hand-made goods, no name brand merchandise. So I was able to display my whole store of crystals and hemp necklaces and all the cool little stuff.

We ended up working inside the venue selling beers for one of our vendor friends, it was awesome! We got vendor wristbands to work and got to see Phish! Awesome jammin shows with Manhattan in the backdrop.

Mikey came out onto shakedown at least two of the three days at Randall's! I saw him a few times, and was able to give his daughter a beautiful Herkimer Diamond that I mined earlier in the week. It is really awesome that Mikey likes the lot. I think it adds to the experience.

After Randall's Island, we stopped and visited our friends in New Paltz, NY and got to see Heady Teddy's Outfitters. He has some really cool Grateful Dead items in his store and lots of great hippie gifts. Heady Teddy also has an Etsy with lots of his fresh merchandise on there. You should definitely stop in and check it out if you are passing by New Paltz, NY!

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