Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Canandaigua, NY and Clarkston, MI Phish Shows

We had a really fun time at both of these shows! We got to Canadaigua a little late this year, half of shakedown was already setup by 11:30 AM. Usually they make us lineup out on the road till noon or one it seems like, but they got stuff going quickly this year. We got a good spot regardless right in the center of everyone.

Mike Gordon came out onto shakedown again at Canandaigua, it is cool to see that the artist like the lot scene, he actually came out and browsed some of the booths. Stopped right next door and checked out some of the cool crystals and art my neighbors had.

We did well enough on lot, to grab tickets and go in the show! It was a really good show, with lots of energy and funky music.

Clarkston is just north of Detroit, they gave us the run around for a few hours in the morning and finally opened the lot by 2 PM.  We were there by 9:30 AM and there were 20+ motorcycle cops riding in circles around cones. It looked like a bunch of shriners or circus clowns, but we were the only ones there so decided to park around the corner. We ended up running into our good friends John and Kim at the Rite-Aid around the corner. It was nice to be able to relax and visit for a while before setting up, we ended up having 10 or 15 vendors hanging out waiting for lot to open. It's difficult to socialize when you are busy and not directly next to your friends on lot.

They let us setup and rage in the grass in the center of the parking area, it was a one sided shake but it worked pretty well for us. Got to setup next to Andy, who we haven't seen yet this year, it was another great time.

Got tickets and went in again to the Clarkston show too! I lucked out and got 14th row Paige side and raged up there for a while, got some really good pictures of the boys too, then went back to lawn to rage with friends and Flowski. We both had pavilions, but he was over on Mikey side and they were very particular about which gate to get to your seat from, there was also another checkpoint at AA and Z row, so his double letter would not have helped to get all the way down.

Pretty much no blowout at either CMAC or DTE Center, but we still managed to get rid of a few beverages at the end of both, Lighten the load for the long journey ahead of us.

We talked to our friends right around show time at DTE and realized that Bears Picnic was going on at the same time as Chicago Phish so we calculated out which would be better and decided to head towards PA instead of Chi town.

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