Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bears Picnic

We were official paid vendors at Bears Picnic this last weekend. It was 468 miles from Clarkston, MI to Liberty, PA and we drove it pretty much all in one day. Along the way my friend Dwight from Tahoe called. He was burned out on SLT and ready to go on tour, so we got him a bus ticket from Reno to Harrisburg, PA a couple hours before getting to Bears Picnic. It was a 2 day 11 hour trip, so he would get there in time for the last day.  Got to the festival Thrusday around 7 PM. It was nice to be able to walk up and be official vendors at a festival. We got a prime spot right in front of the main stage and with a great view of the side stage. So it was perfect to see all the performances all weekend anddance along while being able to vend.

We got a 20x20 booth area and were able to fit the car and tent right in with our setup. By the time we got the EZ-up's, tables, and tablecloths setup we decided to start nice and early Friday and setup the store. So we got good sleep Thursday night and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go, setup the full booth and got to meet some really nice people. Our buddy rob setup with us, and we got to see lots of friends and get to know some new ones.

We didn't kill it, because of a low attendance, but we did well enough, despite the turnout. We stayed open until about 2 or 3 AM every day, then re-opened by 10 or so. It was nice being able to keep a slightly normal sleep schedule. Usually at bigger festivals, I get very little to no sleep, because there are always lots of people out and about and shopping into the wee hours of the morning, and I like to stay open as much as I can when there are cool trades to be made and people to meet.

Flowski went out to get Dwight on Sunday morning, they made it back just a little after the music started on Sunday.  We got to see a bunch of great music together and hang-out and relax after a long journey and a long weekend.

Now, we are on our way back to Phish tour! Next stop is Charlotte NC, we are going to mine for a few days before the show on the 25th at the PNC Pavillion. Hopefully we can find some more cool North Carolina crystals to share some fresh energy from mother nature with people.

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