Tuesday, July 01, 2014

1st leg of Tour 2014, Widespread Panic

We have had an awesome time so far this summer. We left Colorado on Widpread Panic tour in June, we drove all the way from Breckenridge Colorado to Raleigh NC f 2 nights of Panic at the Red Hat, totally chill for a second year there. They let us stay in the parking lot, so I was able to close the store and put walls up instead of packing up in-between nights. Such great sound at our booth, it was hard to talk to customers over Galactic who opened for Widespread. After Raleigh we were planning on heading up North with Widespread then looked at the tour, it was 8-9K miles with mostly maybe stops where we might be able to vend, then our friend Jeff called and reminded us it was about time for Friendship Flea Market in Indiana. So of we went up to Indiana for a Friendship flea market that lasted 10 days. It was nice to camp and setup in one spot and able to close and re-open the store without packing and setting up somewhere new every night. We did decent at Friendship, we ended up finding some cool new stuff to bring with on tour and made some good connections. It was hard to beat 180 for 10 days of selling. It was 9 days but lots of people shopping the Friday before it got going made it 10 days of selling with a band playing by the fire every night. After Friendship, we needed to get back to Colorado, Flowski's license expires in July so we caught a couple more Widespread Shows on the way back. We went all the way to Lincoln, Nebraska for a disappointing time, negative energy and harassment, luckily Kansas City was a good show and we were able to make enough there to get back to Colorado for Widespread Panic. They were totally Chill in KC, they let us setup our full shakedown, even though there were only a dozen vendors or less, it still came together nicely into a very chill scene. We made it all the way back to Colorado for Widespread Panic at Red Rocks, it was a sold out show, and surprisingly very hard even for me to get tickets. I travel all summer to sold out concerts and festivals and seldom have a hard time getting a ticket, but got skunked at Red Rocks. I think our timing was a little off, we setup at the flea market on Saturday and Sunday so it was difficult to get over with the best timing to find the ticket. We actually ended up getting there with just enough time to get Flow's license taken care of, get our rent taken care of and grab some more supplies and things we left at our place the first tour. It ended up being a fun, 4,000+ mile month trip, made it back to Colorado and ready for Leg 2! Phish Tour!

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