Wednesday, June 04, 2014

On the Road Again!

We are on our way across the country again on Tour! We are going to Widespread Panic then catching Phish tour when that starts up in July. It's only about 1,750 miles from Breckenridge, CO to Raleigh, NC. Which is much better than the 3,000 miles we have driven to catch the start of tour in the past.

For a quick update on things, we moved to Colorado last fall, which was perfect timing to get out of Tahoe. With one of the smallest snowfall in years there and Breckenridge making it onto top 10 snowfall in the US, we had an awesome time and are glad we made the move.

We stopped in the  Wally World this morning in Denver, and got the oil changed and replaced the back left tire which was nearly to the steel belts on the inside of the tire. With all the weight from the crystals and minerals in the Civic Hybrid we are driving, the tires are bowing out, so the inside wears out more quickly than the outside.

Going to the Southeast, gonna stop and see the Murray family in Auburn AL in-between shows, then up to Niagara Falls and all the way back to Colorado by the end of the Month with Widespread Panic, then onto Phish tour!

From Colorado, all the way back out to Saratoga Springs New York for the kickoff of Phish tour with 3 nights at SPAC. Lotsa good Phish stops along the way in July and into the beginning of August.

If Furthur was touring, it would be a more complete summer, but it seems to be coming together into a fun line-up of shows!