Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tahoe Plasma UFO Photo? 2/13/2012

Here we go again. It was Feb. 13th 2012 the night before Valentines Day around 7pm. Jack and I were traveling US 50 on our way back to South Lake Tahoe, CA from Carson City, NV. We were traveling on between the Logan Shoals scenic pull-over and Cave Rock. I noticed a flickering light in the sky to the west. It was flickering and changing colors and it definitely appeared to me that it may have been fluid or non-solid in shape at least. Like an energy field or liquid. Jack snapped off a few photos which I have posted here for you to see. This was definitely not a planet or anything typical.

Check out our other Lake Tahoe UFO photo.

At one point it looked like a glowing cylinder 7:05:52 PM

Here the UFO looks like a planet 7:06:17 PM, it is not a planet. This is the same UFO as above!

Like a liquid in a weightless environment it was continually changing shape 7:06:34 PM

7:07:03 PM

I found the UFO video below on YouTube. It was shot on the same night and time in Oroville, CA of what may be the same UFO. What ever it was that we witnessed was definitely in the direction of Oroville. If you fast forward to 18:10 on the video below, you'll see the flickering and changing colors just as Jack and I saw it that night. In hindsight, I wish we had pulled over and video taped it ourselves.

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