Tuesday, January 17, 2012

May We Get Snow Please

Can I be anymore polite? This is ridiculous, we've had like no snow this winter. It's has been the worst year for snow ever in Tahoe. We got a good storm back in October and we all got excited, but we have not had anything significant since then. Needless to say the lack of snow has been really hard on the entire Tahoe Basin. The Tahoe ski resorts have had very limited terrain open and many workers find their jobs are in a holding pattern until it snows, and you can tell money in town is stretching really thin.

There may be some snow headed our way however, and that would be great news so we're all hoping the weather forecast is correct for later in the week. snowforcast.com is predicting some serious snow for next week, I took a quick screen shot and that's the image ☜ to the left. I really hope we get some snow on these mountains.

Hay, I just found the coolest weather radar image ever. It's from the perspective of looking down on the North Pole from above and you can basically see a good portion of the northern hemisphere at once. It's cool to see how the weather patterns circle the earth, go check it out HERE. It's fun to tinker around with the settings, you can adjust the 6-day radar loop animation speed and add a variety of color enhancements and filters to bring out the conditions.
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentines Day Gifts

February 14th also known as Valentine's Day is a very special often romantic holiday that is celebrated by friends and lovers in nearly every country on the planet so the 14th of Feb. has a special significance for all.

Saint Valentine's Day is the ideal time to think love and romance. If the two of you have just started dating, Valentine's offers a chance to win over the person you love with a nice Valentines Day Gift and message of love. If you two are already in love, Valentine's allows you to renew your love with the significant other in your life. This gift guide offers some wonderful Valentines gift ideas for her as well as Gifts for men..

Valentines day offers the opportunity to win over the heart of your Valentine. You can send her beautiful roses, a wonderful gift basket, a delicious box of chocolates, or even presents like an gift experience days or jewelry. She will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness, and the love between the two of you should flourish. But planning a really special gift for Valentine's Day takes a least little bit of effort! This is especially true when you're shopping for the perfect Valentine's gifts and you're tired of being cliche with the same old stuff. Get creative and stick to your budget. Check out these great gifts to spice up your V-day!!
Test what you know about Valentines day? Here's a fun Valentine's Day Trivia Quiz to find out how much you know and maybe learn interesting new fact about Valentines Day you never knew...
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