Thursday, August 04, 2011

Trip Log 11808 Oregon Travel Tips Traveling to the Gorge for Phish.

We rode with our friends out of Reno on a trip towards the Gorge WA. We tried to get out during the day but ended up eating together at about dinner time. We grabbed some In and Out before heading out on 395 N.

Oregon is a weird state. They have lots of strange laws that I really don't understand. Why is 55 mph the speed limit on the Highways when most other states are 60-75? Also you are not allowed to pump your own gasoline in Oregon. So if you are heading through Oregon at night, none of the stations are open and the pumps are locked. I guess they don't think people are smart enough to pump their own gas in Oregon in the middle of the night?  It was really frustrating because we were trying to carpool with our friends from Tahoe. They drive a sprinter which gets way better gas mileage than us and about the same size tank. So we got about halfway across the state and it was about 4 AM. We tried to stop at a couple pumps and we got it to take the card, we even found a nozzle that wasn't locked, it told us to start pumping, and didn't do anything. So instead of being able to stay with our friends, we had to stay in a little town in Oregon to wait until the gas station opened.

We all needed to get to the Gorge as soon as possible, so them staying would probably have meant that we would have ended up farther back on shakedown in not as good of a spot. As it turns out, they ended up catching a little sleep up the road from us. We slept until about 7 AM when Flowski woke up to see if there was anyone around to help us. There was nobody for half an hour, when a nice older couple pulls up to the pump. Brandon hopped out and went over to ask a couple questions. He asked what time the station opened and she replied about 8 AM. At this point we really just wanted to get back on the road and another half an hour was like torture. Flowski asked her if we could get some gas because she was pumping it herself. She said sure and helped us get back on the road.  I guess she had some kind of a commercial gas card that let her fill up whenever. I think that is pretty unfair to the rest of the people that can't get gas at night or whenever it is needed.

We found the kids down the road a ways taking a little nap and continued to travel together. We made it to Bend Oregon together where we needed to wrap up our shopping by finding some ice and a few other things we were missing, so we parted ways again and found the Costco.

Thank goodness for Costco, this one in Bend Oregon specifically. Many of the Costco's we have been to do not carry ice, but this one did. $2.25 for a 20 pound bag of ice is way better than Wal-Mart at $3.89 for the same weight. So we got 500 pounds to take with us and we found the Gatorades that we were missing. Glad we found that Costco, we needed it.

Now we are all set and ready to get to the venue. We are driving through Washington right now, about 40 miles away from the Gorge in George, WA. Flowski has been driving with the heat on because the motor has been running a little warm, so it's 87 degrees outside and it feels like 95 in the van even with the windows open. But it's the day before Phish plays two nights at the Gorge and they are letting us camp there tonight so it is reminiscent of a festival. I am excited this is gonna be another epic time at the Gorge.


  1. Great stuff --- another good post to read.

  2. I remember that show! We had a rocking good time.