Thursday, August 04, 2011

Trip Log 11059 Miles Almost Home

We had a fun time at the Collegiate Peaks Music festival in Colorado with our friends from Alma. We partied hard to Kyle Hollingsworth from String Cheese Incident and Keller Williams.

After the shows, we parked over at a nearby rose quartz mine that we knew of to camp for the night. So when we woke up, it was crystal mining time. I have been to the rose quartz mine a few times so it was really easy to find some pink quartz. There was also some black tourmaline and dark smoky quartz around that we gathered up.

We drove straight from Denver to Reno with only a few hours of rest on the Wyoming Utah border at the Wal-Mart. Flowski likes the upper route with the least time in Utah and avoiding the loneliest highway so we drove up through Steamboat Springs and up into Wyoming then caught 80 across.

We almost made it to Tahoe. We ran out of cash and money on the debit card. We scraped and counted change to get us the last 100 miles and we ran out about 13 miles from Reno. If we had made it to Reno in time, we would have been able to trade in a couple silver rounds to make it home. But, because we ran out of gas and had to count out nickels to the gas station attendant the coin shop was closed by the time we made it into Reno on fumes. So we had to call Scotty to come save us.

Thank goodness for Scotty, he rode up on my XT250 motorcycle from Tahoe to bring us a little cash to make it home and save our kiesters.

Now we just need to re-organize everything tomorrow, shop and get up to the Gorge for 2 epic nights of Phish.

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