Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Save the USA

The question, How to Save The USA?

If you read the blog regularly you know I try to stick to blogging about our excellent travel adventures. I don't really comment on political issues, but I'm afraid things have gone noticeably awry in The United States of America, something is wrong, terribly wrong. So I got to thinking about what's wrong and about How to Save the USA. It seems to me that the professional politicians are selling out the rest of us and we need to get rid of them because they are ruining our country. We need to get regular everyday citizens running the show here in the United States of America, the question is how do we pluck unbiased people to lead our country out of society? I finally came up with something that I have not even seen on an alternative news website.

Not that this will ever be implemented, but none the less, here's my brilliant idea. We have a system currently in place that picks people right out of their everyday lives to serve the community when the call of duty rings and it's called jury duty. That's right, I'm suggesting that we use a similar system only modified to select a field of candidates for serving government offices. Initially we can select a rather large pool of candidates to choose from in much the same way they do for jury duty, then we can devise a new system to screen and narrow down the field of candidates to ready, willing and qualified individuals. Obviously certain things will disqualify some people from the start like felons etc... Then after the field has been narrowed down, the candidates are given equal funding for campaigns and we all vote from a field of real regular people for a change. That's how to save the United States of America. Let's break this cycle of bad professional politicians and get back to a government of the people, by the people and for the people!

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