Saturday, July 30, 2011

Collegiate Peaks Music Festival Kyle and Keller in Buena Vista

We drove all the way from New York out to Colorado. We were relaxing on the day after the Canandaigua, NY Furthur show and we realized that Kyle Hollingsworth and Keller Williams were playing at a festival in Buena Vista over the weekend. Our next major destination was Phish at the Gorge WA and we have friends in Alma CO, so we hopped in the van and headed west.

Flowski drove non-stop from Eastern New York all the way to Denver CO. It took approximately 30 hours or so with the time change. He listened to tunes he could recognize and sang along all night to keep from getting tired.

We left Wednesday afternoon and got to Denver Thursday evening. We got a hotel room when we got to Denver to get cleaned up and refreshed and ready. During the night one of the bikes started giving us problems, the lights went  out and it stopped working completely, On Friday we needed to get a couple tasks accomplished. We dropped the bike off at Larson's Ski & Sport and tried to get the airbag on the van fixed but the mechanic thought if we took it back to Tahoe they might fix it under warranty. So we went up Mt Evans which is the highest paved road in North America. It went up to 14,260 feet in elevation.

Saturday was the big day of Collegiate Peaks so we went there for the last day. There was no day ticket so we had to buy a 3 day pass. It was only $35 but with 3 people it adds up pretty quick. The venue was pretty small. It was in the town of Buena Vista right down by the river. There were kayakers in the water playing around in the rapids, and about 20 vendors or so total on either side and a few in the middle. We walked right into the front center area about 5 rows from the front before Kyle started. My dad is a pianist so I appreciate some skilled keyboard work.  It was a great set and Keller came out in the middle of a song, they played something with Keller, then finished the song.

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