Monday, July 18, 2011

Bethel Woods and Jones Beach Furthur

Well, we made it to Furthur at Bethel Woods and that was a lot of fun. Definitely a much better attitude related to rocks with the Furthur kids than there was on Phish lot.

They let us in nice and early for the lot scene at Bethel. It was funny watching everybody circling around the staff trying to figure out where to park. It was the shakedown shuffle with vehicles.

At first they said no EZ-ups or tents at first and it was a really hot day. So we all tried to obey the rules until about an hour later and new people that had just shown up didn't know about the no tents thing so they were just throwing them up and nobody was chasing them down, so we all busted a move and set up our 10x10.

It turned out to be a really good lot scene at Bethel. They gave us an hour after the show so we had a decent blowout too.

Jones Beach started out pretty good, we pulled in right at noon and the lot was already open and there were 20 vendors with spots claimed already. We managed to squeeze into a nice spot and it was cool to not have to rush setting everything up because there were not many custies yet.

It was a super hot day at Jones Beach so beverages did pretty well. It was a nice full shakedown. They didnt harass the food vendors like the last time Phish came through, but they shut down blowout before it even happened. We lucked out and got 10th row for $50 each so it was an awesome show, but we left right at Encore and by the time we got back to shakedown, they started blaring their sirens and being very rude and obnoxious holding the button on the siren right in front of people's booths for minutes at a time. It was hurting my ears and I was 100 feet away trying to pack stuff into my van. I am sure that is not good for anyones ears. Most of the people were not even out of the concert yet so there was no way all the drivers of the vehicles could even be there yet and they were acting like that. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

We packed up and got out of there. There was a Wal-Mart about a 10 min drive down the road so we pulled in and crashed out until about noon.

Today we are headed up to Spac but first we took a drive through NYC because we needed a bike charger. After crossing the Queensboro bridge into Manhattan we stopped at NYCe wheels to get a charger for our electric bikes. It was the only place in the NYC area that had a charger in stock. They tried to hook me up with a faster charger but it wasn't compatible with my bike so he found the right one for me.

Right now we are headed up the New York State Thruway on I-87. We are going up to Lee's Campground where there should be plenty of kids hanging out before tomorrow's show. I don't like toll roads but it is worth $5 to drive an hour less. Probably compensate with the amount of gas used.

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