Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trip Log 4429 Welcome to South Carolina - Phish 2011

We just passed into SC.

I looked up at the clock and realized it's about 4:27 and we are just passing 4429 miles. Awesome timing for a blog post.

We had 2 fun nights in Alpharetta GA. The rain was super crazy the second night. Phish had to stop mid-song because of the strong lightning really close and intense wind.

It rained the whole second set. We lucked out and got Pavilion seats in the Phish lottery, and got a little break from the rain for blowout so I was almost dry from the pre-show mini typhoon, but it still drizzled until we were trying to pack up then it opened up on us again with a heavy downpour which soaked me again.

OMG! Thank goodness for South Carolina. This is the cheapest gas I have seen yet on our journey across the country.

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  1. That sounds like a cool trip. The price of the gas in South Carolina is amazing. If only it is possible to bring huge containers and take some fuel for future use.