Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip Log 4132 After Bonnaroo Visiting the Murray Family

What an amazing weekend that I had at Bonnaroo. I got my serving of String Cheese that I was craving and caught Eminem's return show. It's his first since 2005 and it was sick! I had a really good time.

It would have been even better if I hadn't been worrying about my iPhone all weekend.

We are driving down to my parents house to visit for the one day off in between Bonnaroo and Phish.

I am really excited to see my family, it has been about a year since I last got to see them and spend time together. It's gonna be sweet!

We decided to go VIP to Bonnaroo this year and it was definitely the way to go. It was an extra couple hundred a person for the food program, which was a little much. You kinda had to catch every meal to make it worth it and we never have great timing for the scheduled meals. But Thursday night was the pre-party where all the VIP got one free dinner and free beer! You could walk up and get two beers every time through the line. It was Magic Hat #9. I had already had about 4 fat tires when we stumbled onto the beer. Needless to say I got a little schwilly and somehow turned off the phone and managed to set it down, I thought I left it on the table but it ended up in the van at the end of the weekend. Thank goodness.

All in all it was an awesome weekend and we have another amazing week of Phish ahead of us. Alpharetta, 2 nights, Raleigh, Charlotte NC, and Portsmouth VA. We have tickets for every night!!

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