Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trip Log 1865 - On the Way to Summer Camp

We are 1865 miles into our summer journey. Driving through Iowa right now, and it is raining again. We have been through a few nasty thunderstorms already this trip. I hope it is nice this weened for the festival in Illinois.

We stopped in Nebraska at a rest stop and got a good 6-7 hours of sleep before back on the road this morning.

Flowski mentioned that we needed a new EZ-up and that I should look for one, it was perfect timing. There was a Sam's Club only 3 miles away. So we stopped and got a nice new 10x10 easy up with the awning and a few drinks and snack in bulk that we will need this summer.

We are only about 280 miles away from Peoria IL at this point. I think we are gonna get a hotel room tonight close to the festival grounds so that we can get cleaned up, rested and ready for Summer Camp! I bet we will see fellow campers if we get a room close to the venue.

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