Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Summer Camp Music Festival

We made it to the first festival of the summer! We drove all the way from Lake Tahoe, CA to start things of right. Moe., Widespread Panic, and Bassnectar were a few of the headliners for the weekend.

We got There and realize that there was no car camping and the gates must have opened really early in the morning, because there were at least 5,000 people already there claiming all the close spots.

We lucked out and squeezed in right by the side of the sunshine stage. It took at least 5 trips back and forth from the van to get everything we need. I tried to make lists but you always miss or can't find something. Or it's not needed yet so not thought of.
At least the walk isn't too far, this is the entranceway where they search your stuff as seen from the van. He squeezed right onto the end of a row.

After we got the majority of the stuff over and the EZ-UP setup it was just about sunset.

The staff running the festival actually had a very chill attitude. They were nice and polite for the most part.

We actually met a couple really cool locals named Mitch and JD. We hung out all weekend it was great. Mitch was our parking attendant at the beginning of the weekend. We kept him company while at the van getting supplies. It ended up working out for all of us, because they needed a place to crash and we needed someone in the tent to watch our stuff. We have the nice memory foam mattress in the van and it was dry.

Overall we had a really fun weekend. Lots of music, Moe. had really cool lasers.

I will definitely be attending Summer Camp Music Festival next year!

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  1. thanks, for Summer Camp Music Festival. I enjoyed alot