Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Phish Cincinnati Show

There were a few vendors who were skipping Cincinnati, but we could only catch a few Phish shows before Bonnaroo and needed to generate some income to get Dwight home so we took our chances since it was on the way towards Tennessee.

It was at an amusement park so it took a few minutes of driving around through the inside venue parking lots before we spotted everybody across the street. It was a gravel lot across from the pool on a super hot day. I heard a friend say that if they didn't let us vend we were gonna go hippie out the pool. But it ended up being a chill scene.

Everybody was not sure what was up when we got there, so there were no EZ-Ups setup or really any tables out. But eventually we tested the waters and got a couple 10x10's up.

I heard rumors that the lawns were sold out, but that didn't end up being the case. We walked up to the gates and got 2 tickets for $45 each and headed into the venue after a fun lot scene.

There were some really cool statues on top of the pavilion awning. There were not a lot of good view corridors from the lawn. I wandered around some during the show and it seemed like every 50-60 feet I would look up and there was something else blocking the stage view. They had some decent screens for the lawn but I would rather have a view of the real thing.

Overall it was a good show, but they Blew me away in Cuyahoga with the epic Lizards and an awesome possum. It's hard to top that for me.

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