Monday, June 20, 2011

Finished 1st leg of Phish.

We wrapped up a fun tour leg with a stop in Portsmouth, VA yesterday for Phish at the NTELOS Wireless Pavilion. It was only the 2nd or 3rd stop that let us in nice and early. We pulled in at about 1:30 and people were already setting up Easy Ups and claiming their spots.

It's always good when they ask if you are vending and tell you where to go. We got a nice spot near the middle of shakedown and setup. It was still super early, so no customers were even there yet, so I didn't pull out my rock cases for a while. It ended up raining on us a couple times during the day but cleared up before most of the people got there. Here is everybody hiding from the short downpour.

It was a really fun time. We were making sales right through the start of the show, then packed up and went in.

It was a cool venue because it was all general admission and it was a small venue so it was easy to get close.

I wandered up closer a couple times but it was a small lawn and I was pretty tired from running the booth all day so we relaxed and danced on the lawn.

I was a little worried when we got back out to shakedown because there were rumors circling around that there wouldn't be a blowout. Well rumors are not always true. A staff member stopped in and said, "U guys need to be out of here by 6 AM". Every other venue is usually chasing us out with cops and sirens before 1 AM so it was really nice to be able to pack up and organize everything without felling rushed and pressured.

Thanks Porthsmouth for an awesome finish to the first leg of tour.

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