Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cuyahoga Falls Phish

We made it to the Cuyahoga Falls Phish concert last night, it was really awesome. We pulled up around 12:30 and it was perfect timing to get into the parking lot.

They wanted to park us all the way down in the far corner of the grassy field, but last year everybody setup along the wood lined walkway. So we pulled up into the corner spot, let them pull a couple other cars in then busted a move while the parking guys were busy elsewhere. They were really chill anyways. We pulled up and parked on Shakedown, the parking people were headed over to talk to a couple of kids and they told them, "Only vendors can park here" which is perfect for us it means they are letting us do our thing.

This is a shot of Dwight standing on Shakedown in Cuyahoga. It's still early, not too crowded.

We ended up next to RJ which is always fun, and entertaining. He cooks Falafel with a Pickle. It's a performance as much as food preparation. He draws a large crowd with his show.

It was really awesome to make it to Cuyahoga and see all of our friends. Most of the tour phamily started in Bethel, NY and caught the Homdel, NJ shows before Cuyahoga. We came from Summer Camp so it was way out of the way to drive to NJ from Peoria IL before the Detroit Phish show. So everybody came together at Cuyahoga it was a big phamily reunion of all the vendors and kids on Phish tour.

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