Monday, May 23, 2011

Trip Log 695 I-80 Wyoming

We left Tahoe last night at around 10:30 PM on our great summer adventure. Passed through Nevada without a hitch, and crossed the stateline to Utah right at about 7 AM.

We couldn't find the GPS cord so it died on us after a couple hours into the trip. Luckily it was a simple route, just stay on 80 so it wasn't difficult to nagivate without her. But we needed it to work so we stopped in Salt Lake City and tried to find a Best Buy. It was about 9:30 AM and the store wasn't open until 10, but there was a Mega Office Depot right next door so we didn't need to wait I found a replacement cord and got it working.

Next stop we had to find Dwight some shoes. I guess last night when we stopped to get his longboard off the roof cause it was raining, one of the black shoes must have rolled out the door and we didn't notice till a few hours later. So we tried to find a mall, the closest of which had no shoe store, then we tried to find a skate shop, the closest of which ended up being non-existent outdated information in the GPS. So we were off to the sporting goods store where we found a fashion shoes along the way and got Dwight some nice DC skate shoes.

While we were walking into the store it started to sprinkle, and by the time we got out, it was raining. The rain started to pickup on the way out of Salt Lake and as we drove up the pass it got pretty heavy and thick with some lightning strikes here and there. It changed over to snow big wet flakes once we got into Wyoming up into the mountain then right back to rain and lightning.

It just made us all want to go skiing, wishing we had an extra day to stop in A-Basin and ski before Summer Camp festival this weekend. They are open till June 6th last I heard.

We made it out of the rain and we are plugging away the miles. Right now we are making pretty decent time. The GPS says that if we drove straight through we would make it all the way to the festival by tomorrow at 10 AM, but Flowski has been driving since last night about 15 hours at this point and I have been awake for about 90% so we are definitely gonna need to take a nap before the next leg of the drive.

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