Monday, May 23, 2011

24 hour driving challenge

Flowski is a driving machine! After staying up till 2 in the morning the night before we left, he worked all day packing and getting stuff ready to go he didn't even get a nap and we left at about 10:30 at night Sunday night.

Flowski drove straight through all night only stopping for gas and food. We made it to Utah by 7 AM and into Salt Lake City about 9:30. We stopped and ran a couple errands then quickly back on tour. Right now it about 5:00 PM Monday and he is still at it. Our gps is set to go to our tour family's house down in South Park Colorado and it says arrival around 10:00 PM. So if we make it in time Flowski will have pretty much driven non stop for 24 hours. That is some amazing driving abilities. He seems to be holding up really good.

It's all about good classic rock music to sing to and a sweet, salty, crunchy treat to help keep awake during the late night hours.

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