Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting the Subaru

We are on the way down to Denver after taking some runs at A-Basin today. There are a bunch of brush fires around Denver today. I saw a road they had closed due to the fire. I heard on the radio there are a bunch of people that can't get back to their homes.

We are going down to the Subaru specialist shop in Englewood called Roo's Only to pick up our 98 Subaru Outback.

Somehow the motor blew on us while we were on the way back from the String Cheese Incident shows in Broomfield a couple weekends ago.

We got it towed down on Monday afternoon, they started on the Scooby Doo first thing Tuesday morning and had it done for us by Thursday afternoon. They even hooked us up with a rental car.

We picked it up on Thursday and ran a couple errands and headed back up to our friends house in Alma. It got all the way to FairPlay without any problems, but then it started making noise again and got gradually louder until I didnt sound good at all. We were only a couple miles from our friends house so we limped it there. Luckily it was under warranty so we called Friday and had it towed back to the shop again.

Today is Monday so it is fixed again and hopefully we don't have any more problems.

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  1. That's just bad luck. I've never had a Subaru break down on me before. I go with the 2011 Subaru WRX STI nowadays, but my Subari Impreza is still alive and kicking.

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