Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Colors Weston Pass in Colorado

weston pass colorado
If your in South Park Colorado and you want to go to Leadville just several miles away as the crow flies, be prepared for a long drive all the way around the mountain range, or you can take the short cut through the Pike National Forest up and over the pass. The most well known pass is 13,185' Mosquito Pass but that requires 4-wheel drive and we just have a van. So we opted for the lesser known vehicular pass to the South, the old stage coach road called Weston Pass. The east side of Weston Pass is much better maintained than the west side.

narrow rough road weston pass colorado
Weston Pass is a fairly rough road
fall colors weston pass colorado
sign at the top of weston pass in colorado
fall colors on weston pass in colorado
fall aspen leaves in full color colorado
gold aspen trees on weston pass in colorado
winding weston pass in colorado
stream weston pass colorado
aspen panorama weston pass colorado
weston pass colorado
reddish aspen leaves
weston pass scenic vista
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