Friday, August 13, 2010

Phish at Deer Creek

It was a long grueling drive from the Phish concert in Telluride Colorado to the Verizon Wireless at Deer Creek in Noblesville, Indiana. Why couldn't Phish make a few more stops on the second half of summer tour? Whatever it is what it is and we had to leave right after the Telluride Phish show to make it to deer creek in time for the concert in Indiana. The drive went fairly good, we drove straight through and pulled into the official Deer Creek campground the morning of the concert. Pat the Ragin' Cajun, Pizza Mike and the other bigger vendors were already set up so we grabbed a spot across from Grilled Cheese Paul down the line. Around 2:30 or 3pm we went to the main parking lot and set up our stuff. We got a good space, but it could have been better since we were right next to the dumpster. The weather was much better than last year when the venue was evacuated on account of lightning.
verizion wireless

Deer Creek Ampitheatre
deer creek campground
shakedown st. in the parking lot

phish deer creek photo
Phish Deer Creek
page deer creekPage Side Rage Side
phish at verizon wireless in indianaPhish in Concert at Verizon Wireless
phish merchandise booth at deer creek
Phish Merchandise Booth at Deer Creek

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