Monday, September 06, 2010

New at Ace of Diamonds Herkimer Mine

After the moe.down festival we camped at Ted's ACE of DIAMONDS HERKIMER MINE and found a bunch of Herkimer Diamonds today, in fact we've been there previously, but this time we found more than ever before! How come? Well, there's lots of activity going on out at the Ace of Diamonds Herkimer Mine right now, and that's good for rock hounds in search of Herkimer Diamonds. Ted, the Ace of Diamonds Herkimer mine owner has brought out the heavy equipment and he's screening through years of mine tailing's and making it easier than ever to find herkimer diamonds in the piles of newly sifted material.
jack mining herkimer diamonds from screened material
Jack sifting through the screened material
I don't know how long this is going to last, but you should head up there while the gettin' is good.
camping at the Ace of Diamonds Mine
Dan Jack and Rachel at Ace of Diamonds Mine
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Quartz (Var.: Herkimer Diamond) :: Locality: A...Image via Wikipedia
Herkimer Diamond from Ace of Diamonds Mine

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  1. I think who ever owned this stuff is already a millionaire! Thanks for sharing!

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