Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Falls, New York

We are visiting with friends Jay and Carrie in Little Falls, NY. They have a lovely yellow home with a nice garden in the back. When we pulled up Jay was installing Pyle speakers in the truck cab.
Jay and Kerri's house in Little Falls
jay installing stereo

jack and kerri
mexican feast at jay and kerri's
Carrie cooked an awesome authentic mexican dinner for the party they were having
joe & janaJoe and Jana in Little Falls

caroline herkimer diamonds little falls ny
On Wednesday Jack and I along with Jay, Carrie, Joe and Jana went to Caroline's. She lives in a brightly painted old school bus on a mountain just outside of Little Falls, NY. We helped her with trash removal bringing several bags of garbage down off of the hill and then went up the mountain in search of Herkimer Diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are an extremely beautiful variety of quartz crystals. They are exceptionally clear compared to most quartz crystals. It had been raining in recent days and thats the best time to search for crystals just laying on top of the ground and sure enough, Jack and I found many nice Herkimer Diamond specimens.

the viewThe scenic view from Caroline's
trail to herkimer diamond mineThe trail up to the Herkimer Diamond mine
jack digging for herkimer diamonds carolinesJack digging for Herkimer Diamonds at Carolines
IMG_0227.jpgJack reaching back in a hole for Crystals
looking for diamonds at carolinesLooking for Herkimer diamonds at Carolines
After diamond hunting at Caroline's we headed back to Jay and Carrie's in Little Falls to see what we had found, I scored a sweet stash of Herk's. as did everyone in the group. Nothing too large but I was happy.

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