Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Terwiliger Hot Springs

Following an epic weekend at Hornings Hideout with String Cheese Incident, we have stopped for a relaxing soak in Terwilliger Hot Springs at Cougar Res. just outside of Eugene Oregon.

Cougar Res. lake

Hoodoo, a local group has taken over running Cougar hotsprings in the recent years. They made a number of improvements to the trail and the hotspring pools.

There are four pools at the hot spring. The lower pools are cooler and for cleaning off before going into the hotter, more clean pools. There is also a really cool cave right at the top where all the hot water is coming from. You can climb up into the cave it is really cool. There is a strong sulfur smell, but cool water drips from the ceiling so it doesn't get too hot.

This is one of the best hotsprings in the US. It does cost $5 but it is well worth it. Here's the information they had up on the sign telling about Cougar Hotsprings.

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  1. I've been wanting to visit my namesake hot springs for a long time. Thanks for the description.