Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long Haul

Trip Log 15,000 miles. We have just crossed the halfway point for our goal of the summer of driving over 30,000 miles in a summer. Leaving Telluride last night right after the show was the only way to make it to Deer Creek in time to get a good spot on Shakedown.  From downtown Telluride, it's 1,402 miles and about a 26 hour drive. We have driven non-stop except for gas and food all the way across most of the country today. We have about 460 miles to go before we make it all the way to Noblesville Indiana. Deer Creek has always been a very chill scene and there is a camp-ground that is off the hook for the late night partying in between the two nights coming up tomorrow and Friday. We are driving through Iowa and there is a lot of flooding. I have never seen houses and barns flooded like that.

It was a crazy thunderstorm last year for the Deer Creek Phish show. The lightning was exploding into the sky at what almost seemed like they somehow timed the strikes with the music. The storm got so intense they told everyone that was not under the Pavilion to go seek shelter in their cars for set-break.  It ended up being almost two hours later when they let everyone go back in the show.

I am excited to have 2 nights in Deer Creek this year. It should be even more fun than last year with the campground party in-between the shows.
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