Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gig in The Sky Festival

Vendors at Gig in The Sky

gig in the sky festival
Phish summer tour has just ended and we are in Windham, NY for Gig in The Sky  Festival, a small 4-day music festival featuring music by the Everyone Orchestra, EOTO, The JGB Band and much more. With the help of the promoter "LC", Jack and I got an actual permit to vend this weekend and set up our full thing. The festival turned out smaller than we were thinking but that made for a fun weekend of intimate music.

Jack in the Booth at Gig in The Sky
Jack and Jeff
Jack and  General Store Jeff

JGB at gig in the sky festival
JGB at Gig In The Sky Festival
everybody orchestra
Everybody Orchestra featuring Michael Kang of String Cheese, Al Shiner of moe.
Tosh 1
Tosh 1
Michael Travis Eoto at Gig In The Sky
Michael Travis of EOTO
festival schedule
gig in the sky schedule

LC freestyle extraordinaire
gig in the sky bon-fire
Bon fire
main stage
Main Stage

jgb guitarist
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