Monday, August 30, 2010

AT&T Sucks

Back in the day I used to love AT&T. They were my buddies. I could count on them for the finest products and the best service in the world, I was happy, loyal customer. Then they changed to Cingular and decided to discontinue my pre-paid calling plan and shift me to a pre-paid plan with far less cellular coverage. Considering what I was paying for minutes I deserved premium coverage. I was so upset I stopped using AT&T for years. Then I reluctantly came back to AT&T to use the iPhone for the moblog. I figured maybe they had evolved back into the AT&T of yesteryear that I loved so much, NOT! What ever happened AT&T? AT&T sucks, it turned into a selfish, heartless telecommunications giant, that limits me.

How does AT&T limit me? I have an AT&T mobile broadband setup and it has a 5GB monthly cap on it. Well, as a blogging technomad on the move I can tell AT&T 5GB per month is not enough for me to do this photo/video moblog on the road and work on my websites too. I wish I had signed up for the mobile broadband with AT&T early on when the unlimited plan was truly unlimited usage. Of course I missed that window of opportunity and hopped on the mobile broadband wagon too late. Now I reach my usage limit in like 2 weeks and that's trying to conserve bandwidth. What am I supposed to do till next month when I get my 5GB allotment of bandwidth? Twiddle my thumbs? Whatever... In the mean time, my friends and family that were grandfathered in with their early unlimited bandwidth plans rub it in.

Do you own an iPhone? Don't you dare lose it, because it may take a week and a half to 2 weeks to replace it. We lost our iPhone and thought we'd just swing into an AT&T store and replace it with the new iPhone 4. They laughed at us, seriously they had these smug looks on their faces and laughed at us, like we were crazy, expecting to just walk in and replace our lost iPhone. We stopped in like 4 AT&T stores and it was the same story at each store, they are not in stock,  which means you must order one and then purchase a cheap phone in the mean time if you want to get any calls. That's right, if you lose your iPhone you buy 2 phones. Plus if you're roving technomad's like us, where do we have it shipped to? AT&T has no exact date for shipping so who knows where we'll be 11/2 to 2 weeks out. We'll just have to have it shipped to our post box in Tahoe and have them express it to us but that adds even more expense and time till we get the iPhone back up and running.

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