Friday, July 23, 2010

String Cheese Incident Red Rocks

We are at Red Rocks in CO for the first night of String Cheese Incident in concert. The lot is full of familiar faces and you can feel the electric in the air, it's exciting.

No shakedown to speak of however, because the cops are being real jerks here at Red Rocks (as usual), hassling anybody trying to set up.

Very little hospitality shown here by the staff at Red Rocks, everybody at Red Rocks needs to go to smile school! A grouchy bunch that doesn't seem to want us here. This wonderful venue needs a change of mamagement, a team that treats the guests with respect. Setting up booths that show off our hippie crafts, food and drinks at shows is an important part of our culture and part of the experience, plus the fans love it too.

Denver could learn from Chicago, Brooklyn and other big cities, chill out and respect our traditions and let us do our thing, surely you've got better things to do. Besides it's good for the local economy, hippies only spend locally if they make money on the lot.

Let us have our Shakedown St. Please. You probably haven't thought about it but when you squash Shakedown St. the only people who make money are the damn drug dealers and that sucks because that money may have been spent on a nice handcrafted patch work hoodie made by a struggling hippie chick instead. Quit opressing us and let us be free, we were treated poorly at the Phish shows last summer also, and we are sick and tired of it. If things don"t lighten up, we are not coming all the way from Tahoe, California to Red Rocks, CO for any more concerts or shows, we'll keep our tourist dollars out of Denver thanks.

But tonight it's all about SCI and the music.
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