Friday, July 30, 2010

SCI at Hornings

We partied till dawn last night at Hornings Hideout. It's day 2 and The String Cheese Incident takes the stage tonight.

I am excited to see String Cheese again. They were awesome at Redrocks, and I have a feeling they are gonna blow us away at Hornings Hideout.

String Cheese takes the stage for the first time of the weekend. You can feel the energy in the air!

The venue was a nice bowl shape. The acoustics were awesome. Definitely could have been a little bit louder but you could hear it clearly even back in the vendors.

Jack ended up Bowling for hippies up at Pu's rock booth in the venue. They were selling desert rose clusters for $1 each and you got to roll the rock down the walkway. If you hit someone, you got a point, and if they pick it up you get a point. There were lots of ways to score. It was lots of fun.

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