Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roasting on the Road

According to the weather on the GPS, it's 96 right now and it "feels like" 109 with 63% humidity. It is hot and muggy today. On top of that we are in a black van with the heater on full. Trying to keep the engine cool running the heater, and it seems to be working, but we are starting to run skittish again.

It was going pretty good for about 20 minutes then the van started losing power. It keeps being weird. We couldn't get over 50 without stuttering.

But now things are looking up. Flowski just punched it and must've unclogged something because we are cruzing again.

717 miles left befrore we get back to our nice 1990 gmc with a new motor. Instead of this beater 1983 Chevy. This is the inside of the Chevy and the conditions we have been dealing with.

Here's our van that we are driving back to get. This shot is from back in Tahoe when we were still getting ready or tour.

Can't wait till we pick it up tomorrow!

-- photo blog post from my iPhone

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