Sunday, July 04, 2010


Have you ever eaten a Krystal burger? There's nothing tastier! There's a Krystal in Alpharetta, GA where Phish is performing in concert for the 4th of July weekend. FYI Krystal resturants are only in the southern USA so when we are down south I always stop in for a burger.

They are kind of similar to White Castle Sliders but better! Why?I don't fart after I eat Krystal Burgers. When I eat White Castle sliders I fart. I'm talking smelly, juicy farts too! Enough fart talk already.

Like White Castle they are a smaller square burger cooked with delicious onions. But Krystal burgers are served up on a soft bun topped with American Cheese and yellow mustard. You don't even know!

I love Krystal's.

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