Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Incident at Hornings Hideout

I have always wanted to see String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout in Oregon and this summer we're doing it.

We are here in North Plains, OR for an incredible 4-day weekend of camping, music and entertainment. The best camping spots got snapped up early. We got here at noon Thursday, a little late, but we got a ok spot. It's hilly here not many level spots.

Today is Thursday featured SCI side projects. It was cool, I hadn't caught one before today. I think however, they are better together than seperately. But the music was tight.

I can't believe they wouldn't let festival goers bring their own cans of beer into camp at all, that's absurd. If you want to drink you must buy at the beer garden to the tune of $5 a beer and you can't bring it back to your camp?

Wish I had come to Hornings Hideout back in the day when it was chill. I'm trying to have fun but the goons from CMS Crowd Management Staff have a poor attitude. Why do they insist upon hiring these companies with rude employees to manage festivals? What ever happened to customer service, and making us feel like we are wanted? Why do I spend hundreds of dollars and drive 1200 mi. to be treated like crap? A few of them are cool, but some of these folks working for Crowd Management Staff, CMS need to go to smile school! The threat this weekend, I'll take your stuff and/or I'll cut your wristband.

None the less. It's going to be an unforgettable party, you can feel the electric in the air!

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