Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Close Encounter of the Cop Kind

We had one a little while ago when a Nebraska sherriff police officer pulled us over.

I was cruzin" along at 70 mph in a 75 zone and "officer friendly" was creeping along doing like 55, I didn't realize it was a cop I was zooming past until it was too late.

He decided to pull us over just to tell us he couldn't see our license plate, it was partially obscured by the bike rack. He was nice and professional too, refreshing to have a nice respectful police officer encounter. He ran the plates, license and insurance. We checked out and he said "You are free to go." he didn't have to tell me twice. We were back on the road licketty split. Made it through that one by the skin of our teeth without a ticket, whew!

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