Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

After over a month without our nice van we picked it up today from Kar Kraft auto repair in Rawlins, WY. It's wonderful to have it back.

Unfortunately I was disappointed with the work they did at Kar Kraft. First of all the service engine soon light was on??? Give me a break, they install a new motor to the tune of over $5000 and they don't reset the light. Also the muffler was missing, totally gone, it was a good muffler too. They claimed it was missing when they got the van, and wouldn't rectify the situation but it was there. They didn't mention it till I picked up the vehicle? I really can't really drive without a muffler, so as a result we will have to miss moe. at Targhee. BOO! Then they used the old oil dip stick. Not usually a problem except it was damaged when we threw the piston rod and it's not usable now.

So I ask who switched out the motor and he points to a kid sitting in his truck.

I ask the young man how it went and he replies pretty good for my first motor. I think to myself what? Kar Kraft had a rookie do my motor? Just great! I could have found somebody inexperienced on craigslist, I pay $88 per hour for expertise.

Lastly we were way over budget too. Kar Kraft said he was going by the book and it would be $4500 plus a possible core charge for the motor. They ended up soaking me for $5186.03 which included a $300 core charge. Why so much? Greed, like they charged me $19.98 per gallon for antifreeze and that explains alot.

Anyways we got it back and in my humble opinion Kar Kraft sucks!

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