Friday, July 30, 2010

SCI at Hornings

We partied till dawn last night at Hornings Hideout. It's day 2 and The String Cheese Incident takes the stage tonight.

I am excited to see String Cheese again. They were awesome at Redrocks, and I have a feeling they are gonna blow us away at Hornings Hideout.

String Cheese takes the stage for the first time of the weekend. You can feel the energy in the air!

The venue was a nice bowl shape. The acoustics were awesome. Definitely could have been a little bit louder but you could hear it clearly even back in the vendors.

Jack ended up Bowling for hippies up at Pu's rock booth in the venue. They were selling desert rose clusters for $1 each and you got to roll the rock down the walkway. If you hit someone, you got a point, and if they pick it up you get a point. There were lots of ways to score. It was lots of fun.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Incident at Hornings Hideout

I have always wanted to see String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout in Oregon and this summer we're doing it.

We are here in North Plains, OR for an incredible 4-day weekend of camping, music and entertainment. The best camping spots got snapped up early. We got here at noon Thursday, a little late, but we got a ok spot. It's hilly here not many level spots.

Today is Thursday featured SCI side projects. It was cool, I hadn't caught one before today. I think however, they are better together than seperately. But the music was tight.

I can't believe they wouldn't let festival goers bring their own cans of beer into camp at all, that's absurd. If you want to drink you must buy at the beer garden to the tune of $5 a beer and you can't bring it back to your camp?

Wish I had come to Hornings Hideout back in the day when it was chill. I'm trying to have fun but the goons from CMS Crowd Management Staff have a poor attitude. Why do they insist upon hiring these companies with rude employees to manage festivals? What ever happened to customer service, and making us feel like we are wanted? Why do I spend hundreds of dollars and drive 1200 mi. to be treated like crap? A few of them are cool, but some of these folks working for Crowd Management Staff, CMS need to go to smile school! The threat this weekend, I'll take your stuff and/or I'll cut your wristband.

None the less. It's going to be an unforgettable party, you can feel the electric in the air!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip Log 11,402

Trip log 11,402 mi. We made it into Oregon a little while ago. This is the Snake River running next to I-84.

We are on our way to Hornings Hideout for String Cheese Incident this weekend. We left Demver yesterday after seeing SCI at Redrocks for 3 nights.

Only 346 miles to go now! Hornings Hideout gates open at noon on Thursday.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hornings Hideout Here We Come

After making it to all 3 nights at Redrocks, we knew we had to see more String Cheese Incident. So we got the oil changed and headed back out on the road.

We left Denver yesterday afternoon with 1280 miles to go and drove till about 1:30 in the morning. We crashed in Whamsutter, WY at a Flying J.

We woke up this morning and started back on the road fairly early. We have already made it through Utah into Idaho. Right now we have about 615 miles to go so we are over halfway there and if we drove straight through we would get to Hornings at Midnight tonight. We will have to get gas and eat but we will probably get there tonight around 1 AM or sleep close by.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

String Cheese Incident Red Rocks

We are at Red Rocks in CO for the first night of String Cheese Incident in concert. The lot is full of familiar faces and you can feel the electric in the air, it's exciting.

No shakedown to speak of however, because the cops are being real jerks here at Red Rocks (as usual), hassling anybody trying to set up.

Very little hospitality shown here by the staff at Red Rocks, everybody at Red Rocks needs to go to smile school! A grouchy bunch that doesn't seem to want us here. This wonderful venue needs a change of mamagement, a team that treats the guests with respect. Setting up booths that show off our hippie crafts, food and drinks at shows is an important part of our culture and part of the experience, plus the fans love it too.

Denver could learn from Chicago, Brooklyn and other big cities, chill out and respect our traditions and let us do our thing, surely you've got better things to do. Besides it's good for the local economy, hippies only spend locally if they make money on the lot.

Let us have our Shakedown St. Please. You probably haven't thought about it but when you squash Shakedown St. the only people who make money are the damn drug dealers and that sucks because that money may have been spent on a nice handcrafted patch work hoodie made by a struggling hippie chick instead. Quit opressing us and let us be free, we were treated poorly at the Phish shows last summer also, and we are sick and tired of it. If things don"t lighten up, we are not coming all the way from Tahoe, California to Red Rocks, CO for any more concerts or shows, we'll keep our tourist dollars out of Denver thanks.

But tonight it's all about SCI and the music.
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Cheese Please

Haven't seen String Cheese play in over a year. In fact it was Rothbury 09' when we saw them last. So we are really looking forward to the SCI concert tonight.

We are on our way to see the String Cheese Incident play in Redrocks, Colorado. We have reserved seats for tonight in the 27th row. It will be perfect for pictures.

So check for another post this evening with String Cheese pictures and a video.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hippy Bath Day

Happy B-day to flowsi, celebrating his 50th today.

We went for a scenic drive up the mountain in Breckenridge, CO.

The scenery was breathtaking.

Summer wild flowers were in bloom.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bicycling Down Hoosier Pass

We are staying with friends in Alma, CO. Today we dropped the bikes off at the top of Hoosier Pass and bicycled down to the town of Alma and had lunch at Almas only bar. Then we went to the festival.

YouTube Video

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Finger Rock in CO

This is a huge free-standing spire looking rock. It is on the way from Oak Creek toward Vail. Highway 131.

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Colorado River State Bridge

This is the State Bridge crossing over the Colorado River.

This is the pullout spot for the Upper Colorado rafting trips.

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Oak Creek Colorado

We finished 22 mile road and headed through Oak Creek, CO on Main Street. Here's a photo of downtown Oak Creek.

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22 Mile Road in Colorado

We are driving south on 22 mile road towards Oak Creek from Hayden, CO. It's a short cut bypassing Steamboat Springs, CO.

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Welcome to Colorado

We just passed the stateline into Colorado and had to stop for a couple pictures. This is the sign welcoming you on highway 789 coming out of Wyoming.

Here's the white van, looking nice and respectable.

Getting ready to drive the windy Colorado roads ahead.

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Maiden Voyage

We are driving down highway 789 toward Baggs Wyoming headed towards Alma, CO to see our friends Heather and Jake.

This is the first drive we have taken with the new motor and things are running smoothly.

We saw some Pronghorned Antelope alongside the road. Here's a picture of one.

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Fixing the Alterntor

Had to crash at the Rawlins Flying J last night because we apparently need an alternator.

We are at the Kragen in Rawlins I'm letting the motor cool down before removing the alternator so they can test it.

Couldn't get the thing out. The belt tensioner just would not loosen up for me, it was too tight. I need professional assistance with this alternator. I really preferred the old GM set up when you tightened the alternator with a pry bar.

We are heading off to Colorado despite the poor charging issue, and hope for the best, because we can't find a shop around Rawlins to fix it today.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

After over a month without our nice van we picked it up today from Kar Kraft auto repair in Rawlins, WY. It's wonderful to have it back.

Unfortunately I was disappointed with the work they did at Kar Kraft. First of all the service engine soon light was on??? Give me a break, they install a new motor to the tune of over $5000 and they don't reset the light. Also the muffler was missing, totally gone, it was a good muffler too. They claimed it was missing when they got the van, and wouldn't rectify the situation but it was there. They didn't mention it till I picked up the vehicle? I really can't really drive without a muffler, so as a result we will have to miss moe. at Targhee. BOO! Then they used the old oil dip stick. Not usually a problem except it was damaged when we threw the piston rod and it's not usable now.

So I ask who switched out the motor and he points to a kid sitting in his truck.

I ask the young man how it went and he replies pretty good for my first motor. I think to myself what? Kar Kraft had a rookie do my motor? Just great! I could have found somebody inexperienced on craigslist, I pay $88 per hour for expertise.

Lastly we were way over budget too. Kar Kraft said he was going by the book and it would be $4500 plus a possible core charge for the motor. They ended up soaking me for $5186.03 which included a $300 core charge. Why so much? Greed, like they charged me $19.98 per gallon for antifreeze and that explains alot.

Anyways we got it back and in my humble opinion Kar Kraft sucks!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Close Encounter of the Cop Kind

We had one a little while ago when a Nebraska sherriff police officer pulled us over.

I was cruzin" along at 70 mph in a 75 zone and "officer friendly" was creeping along doing like 55, I didn't realize it was a cop I was zooming past until it was too late.

He decided to pull us over just to tell us he couldn't see our license plate, it was partially obscured by the bike rack. He was nice and professional too, refreshing to have a nice respectful police officer encounter. He ran the plates, license and insurance. We checked out and he said "You are free to go." he didn't have to tell me twice. We were back on the road licketty split. Made it through that one by the skin of our teeth without a ticket, whew!

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Double Rainbow Nebraska

We just got out of an intense storm. We were admiring how dark the clouds behind us were, when we noticed a beautiful rainbow forming. When we got out we realized it was an awesome double rainbow.

It was so close, I had to get a video clip of the double rainbow to get the whole thing at once.

YouTube Video

Roasting on the Road

According to the weather on the GPS, it's 96 right now and it "feels like" 109 with 63% humidity. It is hot and muggy today. On top of that we are in a black van with the heater on full. Trying to keep the engine cool running the heater, and it seems to be working, but we are starting to run skittish again.

It was going pretty good for about 20 minutes then the van started losing power. It keeps being weird. We couldn't get over 50 without stuttering.

But now things are looking up. Flowski just punched it and must've unclogged something because we are cruzing again.

717 miles left befrore we get back to our nice 1990 gmc with a new motor. Instead of this beater 1983 Chevy. This is the inside of the Chevy and the conditions we have been dealing with.

Here's our van that we are driving back to get. This shot is from back in Tahoe when we were still getting ready or tour.

Can't wait till we pick it up tomorrow!

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Vapor Lock

We are 718 miles from Rawlins to go pickup the van and we are having vehicle problems. We are driving on the shoulder right now in between 24 and 42 miles per hour. It's running really hot and stuttering bad especially on the uphill. My guess is vaporlock. I can't believe it, we are so close to getting our van back tomorrow.

We have now overheated to the point where we had to pull off the highway. Of course we ended up on an exit with no services! I'm going to let the motor cool down and check the radiator coolant level.

When we lost a belt and had it fixed at Pep Boys the heater core sprang a leak. We've been dealing with that issue and now this which is all connected.

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Pit Stop

We just stopped for gas in Boonville, MO. The motor was overheating a little so we grabbed a bite to eat at the Wendy inside of the the Pilot gas station. It was about perfect timing to eat lunch and relax for a few to let the motor cool down. We tossed some oatmeal in to the radiator to try and fix the heater core problem and got back on the road.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Good Music Festival

After a 3 hour traffic jam getting into the All Good Music Festival we are settled into our campsite.

We claimed the corner across the street from where we were last year. Walnut and Dogwood was one of the only official intersections.

This is sunset on Thursday night. I could tell it was gonna be a good weekend.

We had an awesome fire and drum circle on Friday night right on our corner. This is the official firestarter that pulled up on an ATV. Thanks to the All Good crew for supplying the Firewood and getting it all going.

YouTube Video

This is a clip from the Fireworks after the Further show.

YouTube Video

Here is another awesome sunset over our campsite. Very chill scene where we setup.

Here is a photo of Widespread Panic on stage.

That was a really awesome weekend. We did decent on rocks and merchandise. But we mostly covered ticket cost, gas, and expenses. Not bad but we have a motor to pay for as soon as we get to Wyoming. We will see if we have enough.

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