Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still in the Shaggin" Wagon

Trip log 5075 mi. Here's Jack loading ice into the shaggin' wagon for tonights Phish show at Camden.

As you may know our main van threw a rod on the way across the country to Phish tour in Rawlings, WY. We just talked to the mechanic yesterday, he originally said about 2 weeks about a week ago. Well, yesterday he says it's gonna take another 2 weeks from this point and it may cost over $1000 more than originally quoted. They also want a $1500 deposit or something like that. We have over $8000 worth of tv, and audio video equipment right in the van. That should be more than enough of a deposit because they will steal all that if we don't pay for the van. You know how mechanics are.

We will keep you posted and see how this scenario pans out

-- photo blog post from my iPhone

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