Monday, June 14, 2010

Cuyahoga Falls

We went up to Cuyahoga Falls for the Phish concert. Lots of confusion at the beginning as to where shakedown street will be. At first they were parking everyone down in the corner. Apparently it had already been raining the night before, because it was already muddy. We all realized that it was not the primest spot. So everyone busted a move and gathered along the main passageway into the venue. It filled out nicely.

This is Cuyahoga Phish lot at "Blow in" that's what we call the pre-show party.

Lots of really cool vendors showed up on shakedown for the Phish concert.

This is a great little traveling convenience store if you forget any essentials.

Really cool tobacco water pipes that were made out of bottles. He is the artist that created them.

Very nice food vendors setup just down shakedown from us. They have veggie quesadillas and steak wraps.

This is our friends Kristen and Adams booth. They serve Jamaican Jerk Wraps and Pizzadillas. It's a pizza quesadilla.

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