Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Matt's Auto Parts in Liberty, PA

The van seemed like it was starting to run out of gas and we noticed that it was overheating a little. Thankfully Matt's wasn't to far away. It was the closest location on the GPS that we could find. Matt was a very nice guy. He hooked us up with a little gas, gave us some good advice and pointed us in the direction of the nearest station. Here's a picture of Matt in front of one of his trucks.

Thanks again Matt from Jack and Flowski.

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Downtown Cohocton, NY

Driving through New York State. We traveled through the village of Cohocton. Here's a photo of downtown.

There's our van in the corner.

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Naples, NY

Trip log 5687. Passing through Naples New York. It's a pretty little town. Here's a photo from downtown Naples.

We are on our way to Raleigh, NC from Canandaigua, NC on Phish tour.

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Phish at Canandaigua

We are in upstate New York for tonights Phish concert at CMAC in Canandaigua.

The lot pre-concert party went off without a hitch, however we were informed no blowout celebration will be permitted.

They are off the hook tonight, It's likeTrey is connected to the guitar the music flowing so smooth and naturally. Excellent show.

Location:Lincoln Hill Rd,Canandaigua,United States

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Canandaigua Phish Lot Scene

They put us in the back on the grass and so far so good.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Noise What Noise

There's a rather loud noise eminating from the hood of the van - Ting, ting, ting... Jack says what's that noise? In denial, I reply "noise, what noise"? And press forward hoping it will just go away, because I hate working on the van and goodness knowsi it's expensive having a shop repair it. Eventually the sound subsides and we are cruising along great when I notice we are running a little warm and not charging. Oh no that means we probably lost an alternatort belt. Sure enough what's left of it is wrapped around the motors cooling fan. It"s 8:30pm and I need an auto parts store now to make the Canandaigua, NY Phish concert. We locate a Pep Boys via our Garmin GPS we get there with just 10 minutes to spare. I ended up giving the Mechanic a $20 tip on top of the bill just to have him stay late and fix the van. Everything went good and we are back on the road to see Phish.

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Fixing a belt on the van

We had our first repair earlier this evening. We lost a belt on the way from New York City to Canandaigua, NY. We heard it making noise earlier while we were driving around the city. I tried to see where it was coming from but it decided to stop making noise when I went to look. So it was about 8:35 PM or so when Flowski noticed that we were overheating. We pulled into the gas station and tried to figure out what was wrong. He looked around and saw the broken belt hanging off the alternator an knew what to do. Luckily the local Pep boys were still open where we could get a new belt.

Somehow, Flowski convinced them to put the belt on for us. I don't know how he did it but he got them to put it in after they had already closed.

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Eating at Uno's Chicago Grill in NY, NY

I am in the Uno's Chicago Grill right across the street from the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

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Location:W 81st St,New York,United States

American Museum of Natural History

We had a day off from Further and Phish so we went into the heart of New York city to experience the Big Apple.

We decided to check out the American Museum of Natural History and these are some of the photos we took while inside.

This is Jack standing next to a Giant Meteorite in the Space exhibit near the entrance we came in.

This is the oldest rock ever found. It dates back over 4.8 Billion years.

Here are 3 stages of evolution from apes to humans.

These are a bunch of different skulls showing apes and human comparisons

This meteorite has beautiful crystals in it. Kinda makes you wonder what other amazing things are out there.

This is a huge piece of Malachite.
One of my favorite stones.

This is Stibnite. What a crazy huge piece.

We spent most of the time we had looking at the minerals and gems but we managed to make it over
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This is Stibnite. What a crazy huge piece.

We spent most of the time we had looking at the minerals and gems but we managed to make it over to the Dinosaur Exhibit.

YouTube Video

Here is a massive T-Rex in the Museum. Reay cool to see it up close.

It's a Pterodactyl. Really cool flying creatures.

This Mastodon is huge. Always liked these guys.

Here's a Triceratops photo from the American Museum of Natural history.

This is a Stegasaurus with her baby. Very cool, but we ran out of time. I could spend a week in the museum.

We finished a great day at Uno's Chicago Grill right behind the museum.

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Further in Brooklyn, Ny

I made it into the 2nd night at The Furthur Brooklyn shows and it was awesome. Flowski went in the first night.

This is from Flowski the first night in the MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY.

The police in Brooklyn were very kind courteous and respectful. I was amazed at the great experience we had here in New York. We got a lot of locals that were just going to the beach that stopped and bought necklaces and bracelets. The Furthur fans have more rock hounds and people that appreciate good art.

Here is our booth setup seen from in the venue. We are to the right of the bus with the corner store. I was jamming out to Furthur watching Flowski make money for us.

Here is shakedown during the show. Most of the vendors made it in tonight. But we were right next to the venue so Blow in and Blowout were awesome!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Furthur at MCU Park on Coney Island NY

We are in Brooklyn New York for 2 days for a Further concert at MCU Park on Coney Island. Stopped at Nathans today for a world famous hotdog. The lot scene is wonderful, no hassles!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Phish Concert Camden, NJ Police Brutality

Everything was going along wonderful, it was a sunny beautiful day at the Pre-Phish concert party Camden, NJ on shakedown street. Jack and I had a nice spot next to Kristen and Adam. Jack went to get something to drink, and I was watching our booth, when all of the sudden someone ran up and said "They are beating up your boy. The cops are beating up your boy." After a moment of shock and bewilderment, I ran down shake street to see what was going on and sure enough there's a Camden, NJ police officer brutally attacking Jack. The Camden police officer R. Thorton #1106 was laying on Jack and the officer had his elbow pressed into jacks neck and he was strangling Jack. I immediately pulled the camera out of my pocket and started recording video of the Camden City police brutality being used against Jack. It was horrifying to see Jack tossed around like a rag doll. It is obvious that Jack is fully co-operating with the officer, yet the cop was really rough and completely out of line.

Police Assault Video - A video of the Police officer R. Thorton #1106 Driving the Camden City police van too fast, without full regard for life or limb on Shakedown St at the Phish Concert in Camden NJ immediately prior to the incident.

Video of unnecessarily rough treatment by Camden police - After Jacks admittedly uncalled for, and smart comment to the officer about the loud siren, the officer got out of the police van, attacked and arrested Jack. Then note a big mean cop comes at me and tells me to turn off the camera, because I video taping the incident. I was scared for my life after seeing him beat up Jack, I thought he was going to attack me too. Is it wrong to video tape a police officer abusing an American Citizen? I hope not or we're all in trouble!

Video of police assault witness - These 2 local girls from Camden City, NJ witnessed the entire incident from Jacks comment to the brutal arrest that followed. I video taped their comments about the incident.

Unfortunately I was forced to sell our pavilion tickets for the Phish concert that evening due to the incident with the Camden, City police, but they let Jack go after the concert with no bail and a ticket for improper behavior which he eventually paid just to put the incident behind and move along, even though the improper behavior was really on the behalf of the officer that manhandled Jack.

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Page Side Rage Side

We are in Camden, NJ at the Susquehanna Banks Center for the Phish show and it is a very chill venue.

They jammed out for a long session tonight before set break. They played an awesome Bouncing Around the Moon.

YouTube Video

Here's a nice clip from inside the Phish show.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camden Lot Rages

The torrential rain that drenched Shakedown was short lived, and after it subsided we quickly set up again. A nice crowd showed up for the

blowin party

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Pat's King of Steaks

We were reccomended Pat's by our friends Kristen and Adam. It's been around over 70 years and I can tell you why. They have a lot of different choices for toppings and cheeses. All ready to go, you order it and it's ready less than 30 seconds later.

I got American cheese and onions. Awesome steak sandwich.

This is where you order. It gets a little crowded with 2 seperate lines for side dishes and drink or Sandwiches.

There is a bunch of photos on the wall of famous people that have eaten at Pat's

Here's the menu and how to order. I would definitely reccomend this place to anyone passing through Philly.

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Phish Camden Rain

Phish Shakedown Street at Camden pauses for a rain delay as a powerful thunderstorm pounds us with driving wind and rain.

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Location:N Delaware Ave,Camden,United States

Rude Camden Parking lot attendant

We were allowed to park inside the shakedown lot in Camden, NJ Then.they decided that they couldn't just charge us the 20 and let us park they forced everyone back onto the street which is much more dangerous for everyone than having us sit in the EMPTY parking lot. The attendant forcing everyone out was very rude. Here's a clip.

YouTube Video

Here's the empty lot they won't let us park in.

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Camden Adventure Aquarium

This is the Camden Adventure Aquarium on the Waterfront in downtown Camden.

These are the prices for different entertainment at the waterfront.

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Waiting for Sams Club to open

This is pretty rediculous that at 9:58 we are standing waiting on them to let us in. There is a huge group of people here it seems pretty stupid that they would want to lose money by not letting their patrons shop any earlier than 10am on Sunday.

People have te frames and stuff to do. We at losing money because they can't just open.

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Still in the Shaggin" Wagon

Trip log 5075 mi. Here's Jack loading ice into the shaggin' wagon for tonights Phish show at Camden.

As you may know our main van threw a rod on the way across the country to Phish tour in Rawlings, WY. We just talked to the mechanic yesterday, he originally said about 2 weeks about a week ago. Well, yesterday he says it's gonna take another 2 weeks from this point and it may cost over $1000 more than originally quoted. They also want a $1500 deposit or something like that. We have over $8000 worth of tv, and audio video equipment right in the van. That should be more than enough of a deposit because they will steal all that if we don't pay for the van. You know how mechanics are.

We will keep you posted and see how this scenario pans out

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Drove All Night

We left Little Falls New York last night at midnight. We drove non-stop all last night trying to get to Camden NJ for the Phish shows tonight and tomorrow at the Susquehana banks. We sang classic rock tunes and ate
Cheetos to stay awake. Flowski is a low range singer. His voice is very low when singing

Here's the sunrise coming up behind the van

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lee's Campground SPAC Camping

This is a very cool location they had a nice little shakedown setup and were very kind. The owners of the camp got pissed when the cops tried to come into the camp last night. It's a beautiful park next to the lake with a bunch of boat docks.

This is the leftovers of shakedown the day after Phish played at Saratoga Springs.

The even had some semi-permanent setups with porches built onto the front of their mobile homes at the campground.

There is a lot of space at Lee's campground for a big after party for any Saratoga show. I know where we are going next time we come to SPAC

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