Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Lake Tahoe Snowstorm

Snow on the Subaru
Last night a spring snowstorm lashed out at the Tahoe Basin and blanketed the upper elevations of the Sierra mountains with a fresh coat of snow 20-30 inches deep. Down at Lake level we even got a foot! I saw this thing coming and we were prepared for this storm. We were early to rise and shine and wasted no time heading up to Sierra at Tahoe. We were early enough for eighth chair which meant I was the first one down a run called Eastabout. I had fresh untracked powder from top to bottom, it was awesome!

Waiting for Grandview to Open

Flowski Skiing the Sierra Powder
Jon Chest Deep in Powder at Sierra

King Chair Cave at Sierra at Tahoe
Scott Levy at the Cave
Scott Ripping up the Powder at Sierra
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